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Canan Technique Material (Hangzhou) Inc. was funded by Canan Chemical Inc. of United States in 2006. It is located in Xi Hu Science Park of Hangzhou, which adjoins with Zijinggang Campus of Zhejiang University. We have the most qualified technical professionals in this industry, state of the art facilities and modern equipments.


Canan Technique Material (Hangzhou) Inc. is specialized in the research, development and production of precious metal and other base metal catalysts. With exceptional quality of the catalyst products, excellent technical service, and good reputation in metal management, we have been recognized as one of the leaders in this industry.


As the development of economies, the needs for the precious metal catalysts grow fast in China. The precious metal catalysts, due to their intrinsic high activity, selectivity, and stability, have been widely applied in the industries of pharmaceuticals, fine chemicals, petrochemicals, natural gas processing, energy, and environmental protection. We have been devoting ourselves to provide our customers with quality products, technologies and services to reduce their costs, pollutions, and to improve their processes and competiveness. Meanwhile, we are committed to meet environmental and safety compliance in the production site. Our goals are to meet the growing needs in China and worldwide.