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    A:connor quality management system

    Our company passed the ISO9001 quality management system certification, and strictly carry out the following:
    (1) strict procurement the raw material;
    (2) pay attention to the early stage of the product research and development;
    (3) strengthen the process control of production process;
    (4) strictly the product late gate;
    (5) improve the system of staff management and staff training plan;
    (6) customer products in use process methods to implement tracking services;
    (7) according to the international enterprise management pattern specification itself.




    B:Employee training

    In the modern enterprise, the importance of training is unparalleled, training of employees is one of the best benefits, for the development of the company is the best help. Every employee should receive system training, this relationship to the speed and the working state of employees into the right set of self target, continuous improvement of performance.

    (1)New employee orientation

    (1) new employees into the company within a month, incoming education must attend company organization, learning about safety in production, the staff code of conduct and confidentiality rules and regulations such as the company's rules and regulations.
    (2) the new employee to arrange jobs within three months, according to the post office personnel's qualification and ability request, according to the actual needs of position should know should accept skill training.

    (2)On-the-job personnel training

    (1) within the company can be divided into the following categories: technology development, quality analysis, marketing, administrative affairs, equipment maintenance and production technology.
    (2) according to the relevant provisions of the national vocational qualification, the administrative management, human resource management in the transaction classes, the water in the accounting, cashier and equipment maintenance electrician must pass through the external professional organization training, hold the qualification certificate of mount guard after assessment is eligible.
    (3) in order to meet the ever-changing organization for human resource demand and the hr department should regularly organize relevant training activities, to improve the personnel's professional knowledge and professional skills. When it comes to the employee's need for professional knowledge, can arrange outsourcing off-job training.
    (4) positions within the company employees to mobilize, raises the work of related skills training for personnel.